Watch Competitive Eater Down ENTIRE Tub of Protein Powder (11,760 Calories in 2 Minutes)

The Ahhhnold Schwarzenegger 5lb Iron Mass Gainer Challenge!

Matt Stonie is currently the top-ranked professional eater in the world. Recently, he knocked off Joey Chestnut to win the 2015 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, and his YouTube channel is replete with videos of him consuming copious amounts of calories in shockingly short order.

This year, Stonie wants to get jacked.

His plan? Just keep eating a entire tubs of weight gain powder, of course. And not just any mass-gainer. He went with the best mass-gainer on the market.

In the video below, Stonie downed an entire tub of Arnold Iron Mass, which is described as “a high-calorie weight gain powder for building serious mass.” A 5-pound tub of Iron Mass contains 11,760 calories and 960 grams of protein.

To put that into perspective, you’d need to eat 160 eggs to consume that much protein. That’s a lot of eggs. Or, 310 hot-dogs (which is consideraly more than he ate in the 2015 hot dog eating contest).

For your safety, don’t try this at home. But for a limited time you can get your own supply of Arnold Iron Mass.

My favorite two Facebook comments:

Legend has it if you listen closely you can still hear him on the toilet to this day.


The next day, he looks into the mirror and he sees Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold says, “I’ll be back.”

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