Evangelicals Secretly Rely on Planned Parenthood

They may denounce Planned Parenthood as a “baby killing factory,” but they privately show up for birth control and even abortions.

Women from conservative Christian backgrounds that pushed abstinence-only education, out of necessity, are secretly visiting Planned Parenthood clinics. They visit for pap smears, birth control, STD tests, and other reproductive health services. Yes, even abortions.

The loudest and most vitriolic critics of Planned Parenthood are usually Evangelical Christians. The Pew Research Center reported that 82% of Evangelicals identify as politically conservative or moderate. Furthermore, there are a lot of Evangelicals. 25% of Americans, to be exact.

And, if we’re being honest, it’s largely due to the Christian right’s strong detest that Planned Parenthood faces the very real possibility that it may have to shut down. Although the majority of this group is not picketing outside Planned Parenthood clinics, thousands of them are entering the doors with their heads held low (at least, initially).

We have many people from evangelical or born-again traditions who come to our health centers all across the United States. Some evangelical and fundamentalist church staffers have even been patients.

Vincent Lachina, regional chaplain for Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest

Eager to know just how many Evangelical Christians are Planned Parenthood patrons? How many get abortions?

Fortunately, we don’t know. Planned Parenthood provides anonymity. And this is the very reason why they feel comfortable going there.

A study by the Guttmacher Institute does give us some insight. The study states that 17 percent of abortions conducted in the U.S. are for more mainline protestants. 13 percent of abortions are for evangelical protestants.

What about Catholics? Count them, and the combined estimated number rises to over 50%.

Two Evangelical foundations, Focus on the Family and the Heritage Foundation, have consistently lobbied for Planned Parenthood to be defunded. They applauded Mike Pence’s tie-breaking Senate vote that allowed states to stop federal grants going to facilities that allowed abortions.

And yet, thanks to Planned Parenthood’s efforts to expand access to contraception, the U.S. reached a historic 30-year low for unintended pregnancies and 40-year low in the teen pregnancy rate.

As a result, this led to a record low number of abortions. That’s what we call a pro-life record to be proud of.

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