30-Year Low for Unintended Pregnancies; Don’t Stop Fighting for Planned Parenthood

Women don't go to Planned Parenthood to make a political statement—they go for affordable and quality health care that they need.

Access to Planned Parenthood is vital and must be protected. Planned Parenthood prevents unintended pregnancies and reduces abortions. Blocking access to care at Planned Parenthood will likely have the exact opposite effect. Because Planned Parenthood increased access to all forms of contraception and high-quality counseling, women are enabled to choose which methods work best for their bodies and their lifestyles.

Thanks to Planned Parenthood’s efforts to expand access to contraception, the U.S. reached a historic 30-year low for unintended pregnancies and 40-year low in the teen pregnancy rate.

Drop in Abortion rates

As a result, this led to a record low number of abortions. That’s what we call a pro-life record to be proud of.

The key factor in the the declining abortion rate is the improved access to contraception. Women in the United States have been using the highly effective devices in growing numbers for more than a decade. The declining birthrate suggests that more women are preventing unwanted pregnancies. Read more: America and the Pill.

If you’re uninsured and diagnosed with a chronic and serious issue, you just may discover that Planned Parenthood is your only option for health care. Due to “pre-existing conditions,” health insurance may be impossible, even for basic health care. What counts as “basic health care?” Just about as “basic” as it gets: family planning, cancer screenings, and more.

Women turn to Planned Parenthood for high-quality, affordable, and compassionate health care. They keep women healthy and give them control over their reproductive future.

The Affordable Care Act included contraception as a preventive service. As a result, 55 million women gained access to contraception. Recent studies suggest that providing full coverage of a larger range of contraceptive methods could reduce unintended pregnancy by 64% and reduce abortions by 67%.

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