Don’t Be Caught Empty Handed

Plus, the beginner's guide to condoms.

If you’ve ever been caught empty handed, well, you know its a situation to avoid at all costs.

Never bought condoms? Looking to try something new? Some stores are overflowing with choices. Tons of different condoms… behind the counter. Asking for advice, or spending too much time gawking and requesting the cashier to unlock new brands can be embarrasing, to say the least. Especially if you’re a newbie and all you want are “regular condoms.”

First, many drug stores have condoms in the aisle. This way, you can look at the boxes with a bit more discretion.

Overall, here’s what you need to know.

  • Lubricated is GOOD, most of the time. In very rare cases, it’ll make things too slippery, but this is pretty rare.
  • Spermicidal is generally not good. Avoiding pregnancy is a big plus, but some girls have an allergic reaction to it. Trojan even displays the following on their official site: “Spermicidal Lubricants Are Not For Rectal Use Or More-Than-Once-A-Day Vaginal Use.”
  • Ribbed is ok, but it really isn’t anything special.
  • Some people, although this is very uncommon, have an allergy to latex. In this case, you’re not out of luck, but you’ll need to buy special condoms. You should ask your partner about allergies.
  • Unless you’re really big, don’t bother with “magnum”.

For newbies, practice using one on yourself. Crack it open and put it on, and jerk off. In low light it can be hard to tell which side is “up,” be sure you’re putting it on so that the rolled-up portion is on the outside, then slide it down.

Top Picks:

  • There’s the Trojan Pleasure Pack, which includes an assortment so you can decide what you like.
  • The “basic” are Trojan-Enz.
  • You can try Ultrathin and see if that enhances pleasure at all.
  • Oh, these Double Ecstacy ones look interesting. I’d consider them “advanced,” start with the basics, then try these and see how they are.

If you’re both really concerned about pregnancy, instead of using spermicidal condoms (which have the problems mentioned above), combine condoms with other forms of birth control: pill, IUD, diaphragm, etc.

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